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Catch Air Paramus Location


224 RT 4 East At Forest Ave Lower Level
Paramus, NJ 07652

(Lower level of ShopRite, right across Lowe’s)




Open 7 days a week:

Sunday through Friday 10am – 7pm

Saturday 10am - 8pm


Walk-in and Event Pricing

Walk-in age Walk-in Price Price per adult
Children 2- $12.99 $10.99
Children 3+ $22.99 $6.99


Paramus’ Party info

Package Memorable Magical
Most Popular
Private party with everything included
Price per child Starting at $36.99 Starting at $46.99 Starting at $74.99
Minimum number of kids 10 12 20
One free adult per child Y Y Y
Additional adults $6.99 $6.99 $6.99
Party Y Y Y
2-hour party Y Y Y
80 min play time Y Y Y
40 min in party room Y Y Y
Paper products Y Y Y
One drink per child(juice/water) Y Y Y
Experienced Party Coordinator Y Y Y
Private Party Room Y Y Y
Set up and Clean up Y Y Y
Slide show dedicated to kid Y Y Y
Laser Dance Party Y Y Y
pocket size group photo Y Y Y
Interactive E-vite link Y Y Y
$20 gift card for Birthday child Y Y Y
1 balloon per child N Y Y
Freddy Themed Cake/cupcakes $40 for 1/4 sheet or
1 cupcake per child
Goody bag for each child $7 each Y Y
Ice Cream Cup for each kid $1.50 each Y Y
2 slices of pizza per child $18.99 cheese pizza Y Y
Coffee for adults $2.00 per adult $2.00 per adult Y
Outside food $75 cleaning fee $75 cleaning fee Y
Private Party(facility to yourself) Not Available Not Available Y
Deposit required at booking $200 $200 $500




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